Chris Anderson, Executive Director


Chris Anderson has been the Executive Director for Iowa County Conservation Board since May 2017. Chris was born, and largely raised in Iowa with a few years spent in Montana during his childhood.

Chris sought a career in natural resources because of his love of working with people, the natural world and the words of Aldo Leopold. In the forward of his seminal work A Sand County Almanac Leopold said:

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

People are part of the natural landscape, not an invasive species. The key to conserving our natural resources is not in keeping people away from them, but it is in demonstrating the importance of caring and good stewardship through wise use. Chris’s approach to management of resources, whether trees, prairies, staff, or volunteers is an ecological one. Each part of an ecosystem, organization, or partnership is equally important and must be nurtured to perform at peak function.

Chris has an AAS in Wilderness Management from Vermilion Community College In Ely, MN and a BS in Conservation Social Science/Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism with a minor in Anthropology/Archaeology from University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. Chris has worked as a Wilderness Ranger in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for the U.S. Forest Service, Park Aide for Whitman County Parks, Recreation & Fair at Kamiak Butte County Park near Palouse, WA, Naturalist and Missouri River Outdoor Expo Coordinator for Nebraska Game & Parks Commission at Ponca State Park, Ponca, NE, Program Coordinator for Black Hawk CCB at Hartman Reserve Nature Center in Cedar Falls, IA, Naturalist-Ranger for Tama CCB at Otter Creek Lake & Park near Toledo, IA.

In addition to his professional life Chris has an amazing family and loads of obscure hobbies. In his free time Chris is a blacksmith, a bowyer, a traditional archer, a greenwood worker, a hunter, a birdwatcher, an avid reader, a painter, and the list goes on…


Phil DeJarnatt, Park Ranger



 Mary Bulger, Naturalist



Shelley Berger,  Office Assistant


Shelley Berger has been with ICC since 2014 and brings 20+ years of bookkeeping and secretarial experience with her from helping her husband, Craig, run their family business, the Marengo Body Shop. Most days you can find her at the Lake Iowa Nature Center office pitching in with anything and everything office related to help free up the rest of the staff to tend to our 14 conservation and recreation properties. She has also been seen mowing the campground, helping with prescribed burns or building fence and helping wrangle children at the Williamsburg Junior High Volunteer Day, Creepy Camping and the Iowa County Outdoor Adventure.

When she is not at work Shelley can be found on her farm with her husband, Craig, her two children, Tanner and Eli, and their cow/calf herd, chickens, cats and her 2 dogs. She also enjoys all the wildlife that visit the Berger farm, from the chorus of frogs that serenade every summer to the Bald Eagles that visit each winter. She loves visiting her older children, Bailey in Olympia, Washington and Gage in Wheaton, Illinois. In the summer you can find her and her family at a National Park adding to their spotters list of wildlife.

Cecilia Hagen, Ranger/ Naturalist

Cecilia Hagen is excited to be returning to work for Iowa County Conservation! Her college summers were spent working for the park in different seasonal positions. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Geographical and Sustainability Sciences. After college, she worked for a few different places before the Ranger/ Naturalist position opened up. She is ready for this new and challenging chapter of her conservation career.

When not working she is outside horseback riding, putting together IKEA furniture, or creating a meal for six (when it only needs to feed two). She loves talking about her horse- Sam, Dog- Dundee, and two guinea pigs- Ginger and Cilantro. Look for her bright red hair (not a beard) and say hello!

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