Disc Golf Course at Lake Iowa Park

There have been some exciting changes happening with Iowa County Conservation. One of the latest being a new recreational opportunity – disc golf. The Lake Iowa Park Disc Golf course encompasses a few miles of great scenery that passes some hidden treasures and connects with the lakeside trail at times.

The course starts at the beach parking lot and loops around to end at the beach parking lot. There is a halfway point at the turnaround, the furthest point you can drive on the far side of the lake (note map).

If attempting only the first nine, we’d suggest dropping a vehicle off at the turnaround to save your group the walk back., this is an ideal option when facing time constraints. .


Bring water, there are no functional hydrants along the way.
– Pick up after yourself and be courteous of others.
– There are trash cans and pit toilets available at every shelter, the course goes by several.
– All dogs must be on a leash.
– Watch out for vehicles and other park goers, this course runs along roads and trails.
– There are a lot of hazards on this course, be careful of the water and tall grass/bushes.
– This course is several miles long, be sure to be prepared for the hike!