Iowa County Conservation Board members are appointed by the Iowa County Board of Supervisors. Currently serving on the Iowa County Conservation Board:

Chris Montross, Millersburg
Rose Danaher, Amana
Justin Parsons, North English
Becky Birch, Marengo
Shane Phillips, Williamsburg



The Friends of Iowa County Conservation Foundation is a non-profit group of volunteers with the purposes:

  1. To maintain, develop, increase and extend the facilities and services provided by the Iowa County Conservation Board, including, but not limited to, promoting conservation practices through land management, education and environmental preservation;
  2.  To solicit and receive by gift, grant, devise or bequest, and to acquire by purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise, property, both real and personal, either as absolute owner or as trustee thereof, and to manage and administer the same.
Currently serving:

Carmen Grimm, President
Dennis Robinson, Vice President
Bill Shafer, Treasurer
Jeff Meier, Secretary
Vicki Van Nevel, Board Member
Julie Zuber, Board Member
Andrea Haldy, Board Member